Accurate timing in iOS: don’t do it this way!

Following this great tutorial from HDEZ for making an iOS metronome with libPD one can make a very precise metronome.

However, if someone needs Pd only for getting beat-bang messages in Obj-C code then things are not so well…

The linked metronome app except from ugly, is also not accurate. So if you need a steady beat pulse provider for your music app, don’t do it this way! I’ll focus on the accurate timing mechanism I concluded with in a next post. To run it, make sure you properly import libPD as described in these videos.Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 20.07.45


P.S. This project may be no-good for its timing aspects, but it is probably the first implemented example online that discusses sending messages from Pd to Obj-C and not the other way around!