Echo Pitch for iPhone is here!

Avi Bortnick and myself have been designing and developing an app that’s hopefully going to inspire a lot of people who make music using iPhones.

Echo Pitch – a pitch-shifting multi-delay that has 4 synced delays where each delayed signal can be pitched one octave up or down in 1/2 steps. Echo Pitch also has a built-in simple looper, amp simulator, master delay, reverb and can function as a 4-voice harmonizer. Each of the four delays can be routed into the other for incredible, swirling, ambient washes and otherworldly sounds. You really need an interface – like iRig, Fender Slide, Apogge Jam, etc, to use it, or at least headphones. Otherwise, you’ll get gnarly feedback. 

iTunes link is here, while a demo video by Avi Bortnick is below:



Stay tuned for updates 🙂


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